Update! New location, and sad news…

First, in case you have been wondering why there are no doggies in the window, we have moved to the lower level of the same building, around the back.

Second, this is going to come as a shock to some and I am so very sorry. If you have not all ready heard or been told by me, my last day of grooming will be October 31. It saddens me to leave all the wonderful fur babies that I have had the joy of meeting. The friends I have made along the way as well on this journey that I took nearly four years ago. I have loved grooming the good, the scared, the naughty! Though stressful at times my goal was completed when I made a place that the fur babies were able to be happy to come to. Not all were happy, but the greatest compliment I was ever given was when my clients would tell me how much they loved that their pet was excited to come to the shop. Though many were happy to come for the love, the treats and the fun, the grooming was still not the part they liked but they endured it because it was filled with positive emotions and touch more than scary. 

Jaclyn will be taking over any of my clients, and you can reach her at 231-883-1166.

From Drake’s to Pawsitively Beautiful

Wow, we have come a long way in the last few years!

Here are some highlights!

November 2013: Drake’s Pet Grooming & Salon opened its doors after lots of prep!



August 2014: We moved almost right across the street to Pawsitively Beautiful. MUCH more space!

June 23, 2015: Wedding bells! Jim and I finally tied the knot!



The love of I have for animals can not be defined. Old, young, sick or healthy they hold my heart. And that is why I keep doing what I do!